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3 October 2017

Utro “Third Album”

Following their mini-album “Solnze” (out on Talitres late 2015), we are happy to announce today the release of the Utro’s new album simply entitled “Third Album”, nov. 10th, 2017.

Formed by Vladislav Parshin, in Rostov-On-Don (Motorama) in 2010. Утро | Utro became known in Russia for it’s experimental instrumentation, minimalist approach of the music and existential / spiritual lyrics in Russian language.
Утро plays post-punk (or no wave) with a specific Soviet spirit to develop its own identity.
Dark bass lines, addictive drums and keyboards, incantatory vocals, “Third Album” is a collection of songs that were written in the period of 2015-2017 in Rostov-on-Don.

“Minimalism’s path is not in any way a path of limitations” Dennis Gudim, Heathenharvest

Utro - “Third Album”
1. I’m flying - 2. I dreamt that I was sleeping - 3. Somewhere - 4. Forgive all - 5. Something is going wrong - 6. Such eyes - 7. Not good - 8. Tsar

Утро - “Третий альбом”
1. Лечу - 2. Мне снилось, что я спал - 3. Где-то там - 4. Всех простить - 5. Что-то не то творится - 6. Такие глаза - 7. Нехорошо - 8. Царь
“”Third Album" out nov. 10th, 2017 and available for pre-order from the Talitres webstore: CD | White-Red Marble Vinyl | Black Vinyl | Digital.