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21 October 2014

The Callstore debut album “Save No One”

The Callstore - “Save No One” available to pre-order from our web store

The Callstore “Save No One” CD & vinyl (2LP) available to pre-order from our webstore. The CDs will be disptached the day of the order, the LP nov. 07th.

Digital release: Itunes, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify.

In all the good record stores: France (27/10/14), other territories (19/01/15).

About this thirty something, The Callstore, based in London for 15 years, we know both a lot... and very little.

Discovered in late 2010 through the third Telescopage compilation (released by the explosive collective “PAN!”) and the song ‘Begging Oh My Darling’, we knew back then that our ears would not be able to let go. Those dark and hypnotic vocals, this palpable fragility, this magical melancholy, those heartfelt lyrics, were for us.

The debut album, “Save No One, self-written, recorded and produced is a compedium, a teeming universe, a great record, bruised and profound, that plays like an equilibrist on a tight rope.

If the artist describes this album as a way to share an experience, rather than a conscious decision to come out of anonymity, it is because he considers - rightly perhaps - that music generally speaks for itself and that everything around it often resembles little else than a shadow play and a throw of confetti, something he is as yet unsure he wants to be a part of.

As he concedes having enough music in store for two or three albums, along with an insatiable desire to carry on writing, we lend our attention to these twelve sensitive and poignant songs.

The Callstore “Save No One 1. Intro 2. Lovers Lane 3. Come On Then 4. Thou Shall Be Broken 5. Each To Their Own 6. Sad Sometimes 7. The Departed 8. In Between Tricks The Magician Bows 9. Pointless Continue To Break 10. The Letting Go 11. Rich Man 12. Above And Beneath Your Feet