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27 August 2015

The Apartments “Seven Songs” CD version

December 2012, The Apartments toured France, as a seven-piece band, playing a series of gigs along with some acoustic sideshows in art galleries and stores.

During this tour, the band dropped into the studios of Radio France / France Musique to record a beautiful live session for Vincent Théval’s Label Pop program.

This live recording, “Seven Songs” originally released on vinyl for the 2013 Record Store Day is finally available on CD. Released date, sept. 18th, 2015 and available for preorder from our web store, sept. 02nd.

The Apartments “Seven Songs 1. Things You’ll Keep - 2. Thank You For Making Me Beg - 3. World Of Liars - 4. On Every Corner - 5. Mr. Somewhere - 6. Every Day Will Be New - 7. All You Wanted

with Peter Milton Walsh (guitar, singing), Nick Allum (drums), Amanda Brown, The Go-Betweens (violin, tambourin, singing), Wayne Connolly (guitar, singing), Samuel Léger (bass, singing), Gaël Riteau (trumpet), Fabien Tessier (piano, percussion, organ).

The Apartments will be touring France in september.