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18 September 2020

The Apartments new album “In and Out of the Light”, a celebration

Happy release day: The Apartments "In and Out of the Light"

In and Out of the Light is a classic Apartments album, with songs, lines and melodies coming back to you long after the music has stopped playing. The songs follow a set of characters who, in the aftermath of loss or simply the changes that turn up in everyone’s lives, have gone looking for some other way to live—and found it. Stories with the texture of this experience float through the intimate, reflective songs on the album.

The Apartments “In and Out of the Light”: 1. Pocketful of Sunshine – 2. Write Your Way Out of Town – 3. Where You Used to Be – 4. What’s Beauty to Do – 5. Butterfly Kiss – 6. We Talked Through Till Dawn – 7. I Don’t Give a Fuck About You Anymore – 8. The Fading Light

Album available at any good record store from the Talitres web store, via Bandcamp or on the internet this way.

((Yellow opaque vinyl, limited edition, 500 units (gatefold, 1LP, with digital download code)) now sold out via our webstore / Bandcamp but still available in a couple of indie record stores | Black vinyl (gatefold, 1LP, with digital download code) | CD digipack 2 panels with booklet | Digital.

“The 8 songs adhere to the model of stately chamber-pop established with The Apartments string of masterpieces in the 90s…with “What’s Beauty to Do?” a jangly throwback to the band’s Rough Trade period and “I Don’t Give a Fuck About You Anymore” an expression of lovelorn pique evoking a lost Sixties soundtrack by Michel Legrand.” Uncut 8/10

“Walsh’s greatest strength has always been telling intimate, affecting stories that feel tender without being mawkish. ‘In And Out Of The Light’ is no different, capturing the first steps that come after loss, buoyed by lush, gorgeous arrangements that unfurl around one another.” NME

“It’s the gift of evocation that floods our senses, the same gift that Apartments records have freely given from the off.” Stereo Embers

Shinding ****

“A collection of eight songs that take beauty from heartbreak, and gather emotions to create a work of divine confidence.” The Big Takeover