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11 February 2019

The Apartments “LIVE at L’Ubu”

In 2015, The Apartments released No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal in Europe and by year’s end, influential French Music magazine Magic had made # 1 Album of The Year. While never before been achieved by an Australian artist, this might have come as no surprise to French fans devoted to the band.

To support the release of No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal, The Apartments toured then France in September 2015 as a full band. Their show at Rennes’ legendary L’Ubu Club was recorded, resulting in the double album, LIVE at L’Ubu.

The live recording captures the dynamic line-up of Australian, French and English players, a seven-piece band. This allowed Peter Milton Walsh to, for the first time, drop the guitar and masterfully sing and perform a set of songs from the new album along with others from the Apartments strong back catalogue.

The filming and recording of LIVE at L’Ubu is a showcase for the strengths of the live band and charisma of Peter Milton Walsh, the musical and poetic force behing The Apartments.

Released to celebrate the 2019 Disquaire Day, LIVE at L’Ubu is the very first LIVE recording by The Apartments.

The Apartments LIVE at L’Ubu – Vinyl, 2 LP, gatefold – Limited edition: 990 units.

“You don’t choose songs; songs choose you” Peter Milton Walsh

Line Up : Antoine Chaperon (guitar), Eliot Fish (bass, voice), Fabien Tessier (piano, percussion, organ, voice), Gaël Riteau (trumpet, voice), Natasha Penot (keyboard, voice, tambourine), Nick Allum (drums), Peter Milton Walsh (voice, guitar).

Track list: Side 1: 1 On Every Corner - 2 No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal - 3 The House That We Once Lived In | Side 2: 1 Looking For Another Town - 2 Black Ribbons - 3 Swap Places | Side 3: 1 Please, Don’t Say Remember - 2 Things You’ll Keep - 3 Sunset Hotel - 4 The Goodbye Train – Side 4: 1 All You Wanted - 2 Knowing You Were Loved - 3 Everything is Given to Be Taken Away