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21 November 2013



Since the debut album « The Gospel Of Progress » , late 2004, we would have given a lot to shelter the tortuous musical world of the Texan singer / songwriter, Micah P. Hinson.

Since then, Micah has composed some of the most beautiful albums and singles out there ( through the lovely labels Sketchbook Records, Overcoat, Houston Party, Jade Tree, and most recently Full Time Hobby), and we are now delighted to announce that Micah P Hinson signed to Talitres for the release of his forthcoming album “Micah P Hinson And The Nothing“: a collection of songs he wrote before a terrible accident he had on a highway in Spain while on a tour during the summer 2011.

Late 2012, Micah P. Hinson was invited to go and record in Santander at Moon River Studio. For two weeks and two days, he worked with Fernando “Mac”, utilizing an astounding array of local musicians. A grand amount of time, and a grand amount of love was put into each and every song.

“Micah P. Hinson And The Nothing” will be released march 10th, 2014.


The United Kingdom. An exile?

About this thirty-something from Brittany, The Callstore aka Simon Bertrand, settled in London 15 years ago, we know a lot… and so little.

In late 2010, the Telescopage group had the good idea to include “Begging Oh My Darling“, a heady and hypnotic track, in their compilation Volume #3. Ever since, we have known our ears wouldn’t let go. This distant voice that touches the heart, this palpable frailty, this enchanting melancholy were destined for us.

“Save No One“ (out, april 07th, 2014) debut album, composed alone, recorded and produced by Simon Bertrand himself, with a few interesting findings in these long hours of work (the rhythm section programmed on a PlayStation), is a concentrate, a swarming universe, a great album, wobbly and profound, that plays like a walker on a tightrope. The first piece from this album,‘The Letting Go’, is a ballad that will grab your guts, heart and soul.

The Callstore « Save No One » ::: 1. Intro – 2. Lovers Lane – 3. Come On Then – 4. Thou Shall Be Broken – 5. Each To Their Own – 6. Sad Sometimes – 7. The Departed – 8. In Between Tricks The Magician Bows – 9. Pointless Hearts Continue – 10. The Letting Go – 11. Rich Man – 12. Above And Beneath Your Feet.