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31 January 2017

Talitres welcomes french artist Raoul Vignal | New album “The Silver Veil” out in april

From 2010 to this day, 26-year-old Raoul Vignal has been playing authentic, modern folk music. Forming the essence of his compositions, soothing vocals and delicate fingerpicking played on alternate tunings are Vignal’s trademark. His music has often been described by audience as ’evocative’ and ’mesmering’.

Shortly after the birth of his solo project at the age of 20, Raoul Vignal started performing live in venues and festivals throughout France, giving him a strong stage experience as a solo musician, whether playing for a small audience in intimate venues or captivating a larger crowd. In 2013, he left his hometown Lyon for a 2-year-long stay in Berlin, where he has been very active in the singer / songwriter scene, frequently performing in the numerous venues the city has to offer.

Recorded late 2015 at Klangbild Studios in Berlin, with sound engineer Martin J. Fielder, “The Silver Veil” (out on Talitres, april 07th, 2017) is Raoul Vignal’s debut full-length. The 10 tracks featured on the LP demonstrate an intense acoustic style, carried by pared-down arrangements, with a slight nostalgic touch.

“Hazy Days” is the first single taken from the upcoming album. The ethereal video was shot in the beautiful countryside surrounding Lyon, cooperating with up-and-coming photographer, and long-time friend, Anne-Laure Etienne.

Raoul Vignal ’The Silver Veil’ // 1. Hazy Days – 2. Mine – 3. One – 4. Under The Same Sky – 5. Side By Side – 6. Dona Lura – 7. Whispers – 8. Bless You – 9. The Silver Veil – 10. Shadows