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8 June 2020

Talitres welcomes french artist Feldup

Félix Dupuis (aka Feldup) has just turned 18, and his maturity and talent, surprising in someone so young, will leave many in awe.

Over digital interconnections, the musician has created a YouTube channel (now more than 150 K subscribers - where he develops a universe of “Alternate Reality Game” (ARG).

Written, composed and recorded over a period of nine months, “A thousand doors, just one key” is much more than a try. Beforehand, the self-taught musician had recorded close to nine albums, patiently going through a process of research, experimentation, questioning and appropriation of the tools offered to him. While this album should not, in any case, be related to the result of a process of creation in a period of confinement, it is clear that these songs resonate strangely during this time of lockdown.

Feldup’s compositions are hymns and solitary celebrations that beg to open up to the world.

The young musician confidently wears his influences on his sleeve. Everyone will recognize them. Through these titles, hymns and solitary celebrations that only ask to open up to the world, we perceive the tribute paid to his illustrious predecessors. And this tribute, this recognition are the tangible signs of an astonishing maturity.

Feldup “A Thousand Doors, Just One Key”: 1. Century Long Fire – 2. Falling Apart – 3. Attention – 4. Take It Slow – 5. A Little Less Cold – 6. Mental Health – 7. So Heavy – 8. The Spiral – 9. Almost Gave Up – 10. Stockholm – 11. Paris I Hate You