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27 October 2016

Talitres welcomes Eko and Vinda Folio | 7 inch out nov. 18

We are very proud to announce that Eko and Vinda Folio has joined the Talitres roster.

One bright spring morning, Vladislav Parshin (Motorama) recommended us to listen to the latest song of a duo from Tbilissi, Georgia, Eko and Vinda Folio.

No one really thought that the song would become one of our latest musical obsessions. We love the warmth, the softness and the curves of the georgian language, we love the line of the guitar, the addictive composition. We love the attitude and the understated style.

“Shen Anateb” will be released on a 7 inch single (limited edition), out november 18th, pre-orders to start soon.