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29 September 2016

Talitres Is 15: compilation, vinyl 10-inch (limited edition)

Talitres Is 15, vinyl (10-inch) compilation with exclusive, unreleased, rare songs of Flotation Toy Warning, Motorama, Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, Emily Jane White, Encre and Will Samson.
Vinyl only. It is a limited edition (up to 500 copies), released for the the 15 years anniversary of Talitres in cooperation with agnes b.

The icing on the cake : an unreleased song by Flotation Toy Warning. ’Controlling The Sea’, a harbinger of their second full-length “The Machine That Made Us” (due sometime soon next year - 2017). It is neither a miracle nor a mirage.

Available for pre-order from our web store.

Side A : 1. Flotation Toy Warning ’Controlling The Sea’ - 2. Will Samson ’Little Light of Mine’, ft. Message to Bears - 3. Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains ’Royan’
Side B : 1. Motorama ’One Moment’ - 2. Emily Jane White ’The Witch’ - 3. Encre ’Dogma, Africana & Math Folk One’.

Artwork: Atelier McClane.

Available for pre-order from our web-store, and sold exclusively at indie stores, or at the Talitres anniversary in Paris and Bordeaux mid-november.

Talitres, 15 years, Paris and Bordeaux:

PARIS / La Maroquinerie
09/11: Motorama, Emily Jane White (Tickets)
10/11: Motorama, Flotation Toy Warning, Will Samson (Tickets)

BORDEAUX / Le Rocher Palmer
11/11: Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, Stranded Horse, Will Samson (Tickets)
12/11: Motorama, Emily Jane White, Flotation Toy Warning (Tickets)