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6 December 2019

Talitres Holiday Sale 2019 | Slash your fears, embrace audacity !

In these troubled times, one can only treasure artists who strive to express their relationship to the world, and through theirs, ours. “The important thing is the efforts human make to survive,” the Thomas Bernard Gallery/Cortex Athletico tells us in an introduction to the work of Vincent Gicquel.

I’m just trying to highlight the absurdity in any act, and to emphasize its indispensability, canvas after canvas.” We could talk at length about the current state of our societies, the tendencies that confine creation and risk taking. Well! “We’re not here to philosophize, Carpentier.”

Slash your fears, embrace audacity!

But let’s turn to more prosaic matters with the following news:

End of year offer: 20% discount on the entire catalog (except 2019 releases & bundles). This discount will be applied automatically during the validation of the shopping cart (no code necessary). Offer valid until January 12, 2020.

For any purchase of €50 and over (excluding postage), a Talitres T-shirt* will be offered. We will contact you (yes, there are still some humans behind the screens) to discuss together the model that suits you best. These T-shirts* are, of course, also available for purchase.

* dispatch of these T-Shirts, dec. 16th, the latest.

Thank you for your loyalty and rest assured that the serene mammoth (undeniably) watches over you.