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4 July 2018

Special offer 10 CDs | 50 € (free shipping) from July 03rd till July 08th, 2018

To celebrate the summer, the sun and the warmth, here’s below a special offer ’Talitres, July 2018’, available for a very limited period. .

10 CDs / 50 euros (free shipping) / From july 3rd, till july 08th, only.

This special offer includes the following items (CDs only):

Utro “Solnze”

Stranded Horse “Luxe”

Will Samson “Ground Luminosity”

Thousand “s/t”

Micah P. Hinson & The Nothing

Ewert & The Two Dragons “Good Man Down”

Idaho “You Were A Dick”

Le Loup “Family”

Tex La Homa “If Just Today Were To Be My Entire Life”

Flotation Toy Warning “Bluffer’s Guide to The Flight Deck”

[noir]Talitres’ fall releases to be announced soon.