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25 October 2018

Raoul Vignal “Oak Leaf” available for pre-order | Partnership between Talitres & the microbrewery Les Bières du Carrelet

For the release of the Raoul Vignal new album “Oak Leaf”, we are happy to announce the collaboration between, a local microbrewery from Blaye (Gironde) ’Les Bières du Carrelet’ & Talitres.

Les Bières du Carrelet is a microbrewery founded by Romain Zaruba in 2015. Four beers are currently brewed, using carefully selected ingredients, an artisanal process in stainless steel boiling pots.

“Hop Wave”, the beer brewed specially for Talitres is 80 % barley pilsen, 20 % barley Munich light. Hops : Southern Passion (South Africa) & Strisselpalt (Alsace, France). With a dry hoping process (Southern Passion). Session IPA style beer. Light bitterness, refreshing hop aromas. Alc. 4.5%. Micro-brew, 44 liters, 133 bootles of 33 cl.

To celebrate this collaboration, we scheduled the two following events:

Show case Raoul Vignal (solo) with beer degustation:

Thurs. 29 Nov.: Bordeaux, Malt & Co.

Fri. 30 Nov.: Paris, Walrus

“Oak Leaf” Raoul Vignal new album is now available for pre-order (CD / LP / Digital) from the Talitres webstore (10 % OFF during the pre-order campaign).

Also available “Raoul Vignal new album - Beer Hop Wave” Bundle.

RAOUL VIGNAL – ‘Oak Leaf’: 1. Pepa’s Eyes – 2. No Faith – 3. The Dream – 4. Blue Raven – 5. I Might – 6. I Have Sinned – 7. The Waves (pt I) – 8. The Waves (pt II) – 9. Mirror – 10. The Valve