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8 June 2021

Raoul Vignal new album “Years in Marble”

Walking down the route of Raoul Vignal’s new album “Years in Marble”, you may want to stop over as soon as “Century Man” begins. Everything is there: elegance, restraint, humbleness, homage.

“With such a solid third album, there is no point denying that we are witnessing one of the most accomplished careers in contemporary songwritingest.” Backseat Mafia

“Delightful.” NPR

“Now, as with any recording of this nature we would be remiss not to address the obvious: Yes, we can indeed point to the expected touchstones – Nick Drake’s stripped back immediacy, the plucking virtuosity of, say, John Martyn – but the true fact of the matter is that everything we hear here is, in its every aspect, resplendently Vignalesque. Trust us, check it out.” Stereo Embers

Raoul Vignal ‘Years in Marble’ | 1. City Birds – 2. Century Man – 3. Coastal Town – 4. Red Fresco – 5. Silence – 6. Summer Sigh – 7. A River Runs Wild – 8. To Bid the Dog Goodbye – 9. Heart of the Lake – 10. By a Thread – 11. Moonlit Visit

Album available from the disponible via la boutique en ligne de Talitres web store, Bandcamp, at any good record store and online.