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13 avril 2023

Ralfe Band new album « Achilles Was a Hound Dog », out June 16, available for pre-order

Late 2000s Talitres released two Ralfe Band’s albums, « Swords » in 2007, « Attic Thieves » a year later. Still unclassifiable, brillant and deliciously spooky.

We are more than happy to welcome back Oly Ralfe with his fourth studio album « Achilles Was a Hound Dog », out on Talitres June 16 (Ltd white vinyl, classic black vinyl, cd & digital). A masterclass of songcraft.

Album available for pre-order from the Talitres web store (10% OFF till the end of the pre-order campaign - cd & black vinyl only) or via Bandcamp.

First single « Pale Fire » (taking its title from the Nabokov novel of the same name) is a windswept, expansive anthem with an undercurrent of pathos.