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1 December 2021

Talitres Holiday Sale 2021

A little less than a year ago in Bordeaux, our LPs decked the exterior pillars of the Cathedral of St Andrew, played with dogs in Meriadeck, visited the foyer of the Labor Exchange, were celebrated with laughter and games by the Icart students. And while 2021 was not an effervescent year, it was an emotional one in many ways.

In 2002, the label was nascent, or at least not very old, our mind still thinking about the Tà Nung raspberries. We had two feet in this twisted music industry. We’d already understood that we had to take it slow, standing on tiptoe, even a little backward perhaps. The circus, the parade, the puppets were not for us, they made us laugh rather hollowly. We formed many bonds, found many supports, many alert and sensitive ears, many outstretched hands. And then there was the music...loaded with joy, emotion and pain. There is a highly subjective side, quite self-centered in the end, in being constantly willing to champion the artists who transport us, bring us to life and help us to move forward. But without bias, there is no soul.

This album by L’Altra has taken shape over years, inviting itself regularly, not just the afternoons, often the evenings, at dawn, on the waves. It was there, present, knocking on the door, a little insistent. It felt quite right. Today, Talitres offers a new shelter to “In The Afternoon”, humbly, but with great pride.

Talitres Holiday Sale 2021:

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