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8 September 2022

Nadine Khouri new album “Another Life” (Nov. 18, 2022) available for pre-order | First single “Vertigo”

“Another Life” is the second album by singer-songwriter Nadine Khouri, set for release on Talitres on the 18th November 2022. Recorded in London and Bristol with producer John Parish, the album extends a collaborative partnership that began with Khouri’s acclaimed 2017 debut The Salted Air. First single “Vertigo” out today.

The album frequently touches on that which has been lost - from life in a pre-social media world, to a city that no longer looks the same, or the ghosts of those left behind.

“Another Life” closes in Marseille, which acts as something of a metaphor for hope. A key port for immigrants who have crossed the Mediterranean seeking a better future, Khouri has found herself spending more time in the city, seeking a more anchored life in a post-Brexit world. In the album’s final song, ‘Box of Echoes’, the narrator walks the streets of the city and reflects on the memories that he carries with him. “I traded everything to be here“, Khouri sings, “I left everyone I held so dear”. Finally, she begins to turn the page to a new chapter, reminding us that she will never fully leave behind the lives that have led her to this point.

“Another Life” available for pre-order from the Talitres webstore, via Bandcamp or all digital platforms.

Red Opaque Vinyl, limited edition (600 ex), printed inner sleeve, w/ download coupon.
Black vinyl, printed inner sleeve, w/ download coupon.
CD digisleeve two panels with booklet.

10 % OFF during the pre-order campaign (till Nov. 18th, 2022) except the red opaque vinyl / limited edition & via the Talitres webstore only

First single “Vertigo” out today, along with a video directed by the filmmaker Tariq Keblaoui, a night walk through the empty streets of Beirut: