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6 January 2016

MICAH P. HINSON plays “The Gospel of Progress”, french tour

Micah P. Hinson will play a couple of shows in France in march 2016 to celebrate the re-issue of his debut “The Gospel Of Progress”.
Micah P. Hinson will be back in Europe in march and to celebrate the re-issue on Talitres of “The Gospel of Progress”, he will perform his debut album in its entirety plus a mass of songs that were collected into his eight LPs, EPs, and Singles.

19/03: AMIENS - La Lune des Pirates
20/03: LORIENT (Port St Louis) - Chapelle St Pierre
21/03: ROUEN - Le Kalif
22/03: RENNES - Maison des Associations
23/03: SARE - Ihartzeartea
24/03: BORDEAUX - Le Rocher Palmer
25/03: PARIS - Le Petit Bain
26/03: COLMAR - Le Grillen
27/03: LILLE - L’Aéronef

Micah P. Hinson & The Gospel of Progress

A decade on, the Texan’s debut still has the power to freeze your heart and make the hair on the back of your neck stand upThe Sunday Times