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14 April 2022

Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard new EP “I Had It All”, out May 20 (available for pre-order)

Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard cultivate a certain taste for subtly arranged compositions and pop songs that feel both timeless and current. And beyond this elegance, beyond their solar songs, even beyond Maxwell’s majestic voice, we can deeply feel that music is above all a story of meeting and sharing.

Since the time of our early talks with the duo, we’ve known one thing for sure: their first album “Once” had a misleading title. There was never any question of quickly closing the deal, of getting close to the top and packing up. “Our time alone, our finest hours are spent” sings Maxwell Farrington on the opening, and we don’t believe a word of it.

Recorded last fall while on tour, “I Had It All” offers 6 new treasures, 6 new proofs of our musicians’ dazzling talent, an achievement even more remarkable considering the disc’s short format.

Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard “I Had It All”: 1. I Had It All - 2. Two Hopeful Lovers - 3. Burning - 4. Donna - 5. Change Direction - 6. Il Cacciatore

Available for pre-order from our web store or via Bandcamp.

> Forest Green Vinyl, limited edition (600 units only), printed inner sleeve, download code.
> Black Vinyl, printed inner sleeve, download code.
> CD Digipack 3 panels.
> Digital.

10 % OFF during the pre-order campaign (till May 20th, 2022) except the forest green vinyl / limited edition.

Artwork: Guillaume Pinard’s original painting ‘Le dindon de Meillac’