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2 July 2019

“Making the listener the greatest collaborator” | Special offer 10 CDs / 50 € from july 2nd till july 07th, 2019

To celebrate the summer, the sun and the warmth, here’s below a special offer ’Talitres, July 2019’, available for a very limited period.

10 CDs / 50 euros (free shipping) / From july 2nd, till july 07th, only.

This special offer features the following releases (CDs only):

Laish “Time Elastic” (2018)

Utro “Third Album” (2017)

Rachel Dadd “We Resonate” (2014)

Will Stratton “Gray Lodge Wisdom” (2014)

Rozi Plain “Joined Sometimes Unjoined” (2012)

Emily Jane White “Ode To Sentience” (2010)

Rubik “Dada Bandits” (2010)

Scary Mansion “Every Joke Is Half The Truth” (2008)

Le Loup “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly” (2007)

Elk City “Hold Tight The Ropes” (2005)