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29 January 2018

Laish, new album “Time Elastic”, out april 14th, 2018

Laish, are piloted by the mesmeric Danny Green, a master of captivating confessionals and a thoroughly engaging front man. His glorious voice ranges from the angelic, to a plaintiveness echoing Robert Wyatt, to deeper Kurt Wagner-esque tones.

New album, “Time Elastic”, brims with ultra-cool, classic songwriting and bestows a superbly developed and playful record, full of surprises. A bold step forward, presenting a songwriter at the height of his powers.
Produced in Brighton during the late summer of 2017 with Tim Bidwell, this album is their most direct and satisfying release to date, displaying some truly breathtaking arrangements.

Laish – Time Elastic: 1. Sand Is Shifting – 2. Love is Growing – 3. Listening for God – 4. Blink of an Eye – 5. Dance to the Rhythm – 6. Time Elastic – 7. Devil’s Advocate – 8. University – 9. I Would Prefer not to – 10. The Fox

Album available for pre-order from our webstore: CD / Black Vinyl / Green vinyl (Early Bird / Limited edition) / Digital.

“The video for the title track was shot by frontman Danny Green’s brother Matt – actor, stand-up and budding filmmaker – in his kitchen; the simple video complements the subject matter. The song demonstrates frontman Danny at his most contemplative and illustrates perfectly his narrative flair.” Folk Radio UK