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19 September 2023

Feldup: new album “Stared at from a Distance” (available for pre-order) | First single ’Waters’

It wasn’t his debut album, but through it, Félix Dupuis realized that music was much more than an art form for expressing his inner turmoil, and more than just an occasional offshoot of his videography pursuits. At just 18, he spent most of his time nurturing his YouTube channel, which then had 120,000 subscribers and now boasts over 1.2 million followers. A band formed, and several concerts took place, drawing a passionate audience that saw in Feldup a direct reflection of their own daily lives and feelings.

Félix Dupuis began writing ‘Stared at from a Distance’ (out nov. 10) when he felt a profound need to articulate the overwhelming emotional distress he was experiencing. ‘Everything felt disjointed or abstract. Sometimes I’d write lines so brutally honest they were uncomfortable. They brought me solace, but I had no intention of letting anyone hear them,’ he recalls.

The album took shape, painfully. Cold ambient tracks followed noisier compositions, with more rock-oriented pieces eventually emerging. ‘Songs began to form suddenly when I stopped forcing myself to write about other things or sugarcoat my experience. I wrote these raw, cold, deeply intimate lyrics, added the instrumentation, and turned them into tracks.’ After this emotional upheaval, doubt set in. These compositions should be seen as a necessary catharsis – narrating the unspeakable – and Félix’s desire to bear witness, for himself and others.

It’s clear that Feldup once again showcases remarkable mastery. While musical influences remain evident (the ’90s alternative scene, the 2000s New York rock revival), Félix Dupuis has matured even further. There’s no doubt that these inner anthems, this urgency, these astonishing dissonances, and his gripping vocals will leave no one untouched.

Stared at from a Distance now available for pre-order* (digital, cd digisleve, limited solid white 2LP**, black 2LP) :

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First single ’Waters’ available.