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11 October 2019

Emily Jane White new album “Immanent Fire” available for pre-order, first video “Washed Away”

Emily Jane White’s sixth album “Immanent Fire” is now available for pre-order from the Talitres web store.

Written over a two year period, Emily Jane White’s sixth album “Immanent Fire” recognizes our moment at the precipice of species annihilation, as she guides her listener through the feeling of life on a planet at the brink of destruction.

Acknowledging these conditions in which we live, White offers what she has been best suited to on all of her albums: an exploration of the internal world.

New album now available for pre-order from the Talitres web shop**. Digipack three panels / Vinyl, printed inner sleeve, with download code / Digital. Pre-orders will ship ten days before the Nov 15th release date.

** pre-order campaign: in partnership with the farm Virginia Corn, a bag of organic nasturtium seeds - carefully prepared, individually customized - will be delivered. Offer limited to the first 75 pre-orders.

Emily Jane White “Immanent Fire”: 1. Surrender – 2. Drowned – 3. Infernal – 4. Washed Away – 5. Metamorphosis – 6. Dew – 7. Shroud – 8. Entity – 9. Light – 10. The Gates at the End

“”Washed Away“is about how we are severed from our natural world, how pervasive communication through technology dominates so much our lives. This song speaks to the creative importance of spending time in nature and how it must be seen and valued. It’s a relationship. I feel this disconnect is directly linked to the climate crisis and ongoing destruction of the planet”, explains Emily Jane White.