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19 March 2019

Emily Jane White “Dark Undercoat” now available on vinyl

Initially released on CD, april 14th, 2008, we are excited to announce that the new Talitres European pressing of Emily Jane White’s debut Dark Undercoat is now available for the first time (previous pressings were US only)

 pre-order at 10% OFF until the official release date of March 29th.

EMILY JANE WHITE “Dark Undercoat”

Side A: 1. Bessie Smith 2. Hole in The Middle 3. Dark Undercoat 4. Dagger 5. Time on Your Side // Side B: 6. Blue 7. The Demon 8. Sleeping Dead 9. Wild Tigers I Have Known 10. Two Shots to the Head

Comes with a free download code, limited edition (525 units only).

(...) call to mind a slightly less kooky Laura Veirs performing songs by Nick Drake.The Sunday Telegraph

“Exploring “darkness, hope, and melancholy,” in her words, White’s songs are sometimes compared to Cat Power’s. While this pairing certainly fits, her stark guitar-and-piano-anchored tunes have a vitality all their own.” SF Weekly