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14 November 2023

The Apartment “apart” is being issued in vinyl format (double LP, remastered version) for the very first time

In this work, the piano, trumpet, strings, and synthetic beats step forward, leaving the electric guitar behind. Sprinkled throughout are instrumental haikus and subtle jazz inflections. The dark and captivating rendition of Baudelaire’s poem “To the Reader” [“Welcome to Walsh World”], translated by Robert Lowell, stands at the heart of the album. And, as ever, there’s the deeply moving and beautiful singing.

A summery yet nocturnal record, Apart speaks of passing time, lost things, the present moment, and an already dawning future.

A quarter-century on, it’s clear that the approach to these songs has evolved, taking on new shades of meaning. And the magnificent finale “Everything Is Given to be Taken Away” once again leaves us speechless.

For the first time, Apart is being issued in vinyl format (double LP, remastered version) as well as digitally.

apart available for preorder* (White vinyl 2LP, ltd ed.** printed inner sleeve, black vinyl printed inner sleeves, digital)


* 10 % OFF till the end of the preorder campaign (Talitres webstore + black vinyl only).
** limited edition: 500 units only.

Please note: vinyl orders will come with a set of 6,000 word liner notes wrote by Peter Milton Walsh on the background to some of the songs and the world in which the ’apart’ album was created.

13 October 2023

Stéphane Milochevitch “La Bonne Aventure” new album available

And it is the listener who takes ownership of the work and breathes life into it. An album is a traveling companion. It transports us elsewhere, and we, in turn, take it to explore new territories.

Stéphane Milochevitch’s new album “La Bonne Aventure” is released today. We wish it a blazing destiny.

La Bonne Aventure is available in all good record stores and still:

• Bandcamp:
Talitres web store
• Numérique: