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Will Samson is a British-born musician exploring the middle ground between ambient, electronic, experimental & acoustic music – using a variety of recording techniques, which often focus heavily on the use of old tape machines & analogue equipment.

Proceeding the release of Balance in 2012, Will Samson toured across the UK and Europe, sharing stages with Kurt Vile, Marissa Nadler, Shearwater, Pinback, Timber Timbre, Ólafur Arnalds, Do Make Say Think and many more.

He has since worked on a collaborative 12” with Tom Demac (It Grows Again), a solo EP (Light Shadows), music for short films, a full-length album with his electronic-leaning project ’Will Samson & Heimer’ – all the whilst performing drums as a touring member of Fenster (Morr Music).

Welcome Oxygen

Album , CD - LP / VINYL + MP3 - Digital
TAL-100 — 2017

    Will Samson ’Welcome Oxygen’ - 1. Shimmer (Day Two) - 2. Forestry (Day Four) - 3. Welcome Oxygen (Day Five) - 4. Old Roots (Day One) - 5. Find A Little Light (Day Six) - 6. O Medo (Day Three) - 7. Water Fall Diver (Day Zero) - 8. Holy Hollow (Day Seven)

    After 7 years of consistent touring and new releases, Brussels-based Will Samson steps away from his familiar use of electronics and ambient soundscapes, to present his 4th solo album, ’Welcome Oxygen’. Consisting largely of guitar, voice & violin recorded onto tape – this is his most raw and direct work to date.

    In Spring 2016, Samson left his native England and relocated to Portugal with the intention of settling indefinitely. Being of mixed Luso-Indian descent, the country served as something of an ancestral homeland for the British-born musician. However, the proceeding months proved to be a turbulent ride. This included an accident that resulted in two broken teeth, unexplained blackouts and two days in Lisbon hospital.

    After only a few months, Will booked a flight to return to England. With two weeks left in the city & with the limited equipment at hand (including 1x nylon string guitar, 1x valve guitar amp, 1x microphone, 1x keyboard & 3 simple tape machines) he began writing some new music.

    In an unexpected flood of creativity, a new song was written & recorded during the first day. This came as a great surprise to the typically slow working Samson, who had spent two years working on the previous album, ’Ground Luminosity’. 7 new songs emerged within a period of as many days. The only exception being Water Fall Diver which was written a few weeks previously – but planted the seeds of what was to come, with it’s simple and delicate acoustic guitar melodies.

    • Welcome Oxygen
    • Album , CD - LP / VINYL + MP3 - Digital
    • TAL-100 — 2017

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