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Somewhere in the shadows beneath a consummate sun-drenched pace of life lies hidden occult fantasies that keep you up at night, wherein Tropical Popsicle beckons you into their veiled world. Take jangly melodies of 60’s garage rock, Psyche, Folk and Post-Punk inspired by Southern California beaches and cast a psychedelic gloom across the whole coastline; Tropical Popsicle brings the doleful feel of the end of summer, over and over again.

After years playing in straight forward post punk / indie bands like the Stereotypes and Lights On, Tim Hines has ventured into his latest solo project, Tropical Popsicle. While still grounded in smart, pop sensibility, Hine’s new sound is layered with complexity and cryptic vagueness.

The droning organs, stark drums, and ominous vocals of Tropical Popsicle’s first two tracks to surface on their debut 7” ‘The Beach With No Footprints’ demonstrate a significant departure from Hines’ pop past into something far more mysterious.

Hines has now developed ‘Tropical Popsicle from a solo project to a full band with the edition of three members, Kyle Whatley (guitar, organ, backing vox), Chase Elliott (bass and synths), and Ryan Hand (drums and rattles). Together, they’ve taken what Hines began on the 7” to new realms with The Age Of Attraction EP exemplified by the title track ‘The Age Of Attraction’, a beautiful, hazy gem, tinged with melancholy and infused with timeless hooks that linger for days.

Their live set oozes a dark, foggy ambiance that glimmers light by shimmering guitar lines and cascading synths. Tropical Popsicle has opened for peers Soft Moon, King Tuff, White Fence, The Psychedelic Furs, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Iceage and Times New Viking. Garnering critical acclaim from taste making blogs combined with a continuum of emerging tracks online only add to the intrigue surrounding the band, coaxing fans to return for more. ‘Dawn Of Delight‘ is their debut album.

Dawn Of Delight

Album , CD, LP / VINYL + MP3
Tal-070 — 2012

    Dawn Of Delight” is San Diego goth/psych/garage pop act Tropical Popsicle’s debut LP.