• The Callstore


About this thirty something, The Callstore, based in London for 15 years, we know both a lot... and very little.

Discovered in late 2010 through the third Telescopage compilation (released by the explosive collective “PAN!”) and the song “Begging Oh My Darling”, we knew back then that our ears would not be able to let go. Those dark and hypnotic vocals, this palpable fragility, this magical melancoly, those heartfelt lyrics, were for us.

Save No One

Album , CD / VINYL + MP3
Tal-068  — 2014

    The Callstore debut album, “Save No One”, self-written, recorded and produced, with the fine discoveries that resulted from the circumstances of its making (the large majority of the drum sections were programmed on a PlayStation) is a compedium, a teemin universe, a great record, bruised and profound, that plays like an equilibrist on a tight rope.

    • Save No One
    • Album , CD / VINYL + MP3
    • Tal-068  — 2014