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“Current album:’south of the rain and snow‘ released in 2008 self released (iTunes, internet sales, MP3′s) for most of the world. The exception is a nice little french label ‘talitres’ who was smart enough to license the album for France, Switzerland, and the Benelux.

Brief history time: various albums were released on various labels in the 90′s. Various critics were kind. Various critics were not. Various people bought the albums. Various people did not… but as time went by SWELL somehow gathered a small and devoted following. Certain people seemed to get what the band was about right off. most others were puzzled (including some former members) David Freel, the designated singer songwriter,(who can’t sing) and who led everybody around in a big circle, is understandably the only one left. he has chosen to make this point (last man standing) by “changing” the band name to [swell] or (swell) or .(?)

This century SWELL put out 1 album in ’03 on BeggarsBanquet. Followed by a Big Nothing for quite some time.

Then, in early 2008, came the miraculous ‘south of the rain and snow’. to say people were surprised by the risky and intimate nature of this album would be a lie. This is the album swell or [swell] or (swell) or was always going to make…

A brief history of now: SWELL is spending the summer making another album. Tentatively entitled ‘BeMyWeapon – 10 choices’ and will play shows in the US and Europe starting around the 2nd of october and continuing for 6 weeks…

This was written on july 1st 2008 – 4 years and 6 months before the end of the world… ” David Freel

South Of The Rain And Snow

Album , CD
Tal-040 — 2008

    South Of The Rain And Snow” is the new Swell, now (Swell) album and is now David Freel solo project. “this is probably the least auto-biographical album i ever made. it is also the most personal album i ever made. i guess that’s possible...i tried to only ever have 3 instruments playing at once.but simplicity can be a bitch - i didn’t always succeed...” David Freel