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Lindsay Anderson, Joseph Desler Costa, Ken Dyber, Eben English (supported by Marc Hellner) founded L’Altra in Chicago in 1999. The quartet published an eponymous EP and two albums (“Music for a Sinking Occasion” 2000, “In the Afternoon” 2002) on Aesthetics Records before English and Dyber left the band. “Different Days”, their third opus, was produced by Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) and released on Hefty Records in 2005; in 2010, “Telepathic” (2010) was the band’s final building block.

“In the Afternoon” is released by Talitres in a remastered version (double vinyl and digital) expanded with four additional tracks. Artwork revisited by Jeremy Chateau (Talitres) & Joseph Desler Costa (L’Altra).

In The Afternoon

Album , LP
TAL121LP — 2021

    There is soft and cottony music that can border on mannerism. There are compositions which can quickly become suffocating by brandishing fragility as a standard. L’Altra’s music happily overcome these shortcomings. Folk, post-rock, chamber music, jazz… so many qualifiers can describe the music of the American band. So many qualifiers for so many shortcuts.

    Released in the spring of 2002 on the late Chicago label Aesthetics Records, “In the Afternoon,” the second album by L’Altra, exudes nostalgia and sensuality, evokes travel and the great outdoors. The pastoral beauty of this record speaks to our senses. Here, peaceful melodies, instrumental textures and atmospheres bursting with insidious and luminous melancholy unfold, as if we were celebrating a bygone carelessness.

    Almost two decades later, the intertwined songs by Lindsay Anderson and Joseph Costa resonate as they did when first cut. And that’s one of the highlights of this album: standing the test of time.

    Like Tindersticks without the strings, and with a better sense of vocal clarity, L’Altra is the kind of band whose releases would be best sold with some cheap red wine and a carton of cigarettes for those long, lonely nights in.Splendid

    A rich tapestry of soothing aural textures, L’Altra’s In the Afternoon is one of the first albums that could be referred to as residing in the realm of pastoral dream pop.AllMusic