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Emily Jane White is a musician, songwriter, and poet from Oakland, CA. She began performing under her own name in 2003 and released her first album “Dark Undercoat” in 2007, with “Victorian America”, “Ode to Sentience”, and “Blood/Lines”, “They Moved in Shadow All Together” (2016) following. White has cultivated a dedicated audience in Europe and North America.

Written over a two year period, Emily Jane White’s sixth album “Immanent Fire” recognizes our moment at the precipice of species annihilation, as she guides her listener through the feeling of life on a planet at the brink of destruction. The album is co-produced by Anton Patzner and Emily Jane White. Anton Patzner also engineered and arranged the songs. All of the songs were written by Emily Jane White, and recorded in Emeryville, California.


Album , CD, LP, Vinyl
TAL122 — 2022

    Rooted in a moment of catastrophe, “Alluvion” is an album about personal and collective grief resulting from the loss of human life and the continued loss of our natural world. We live in a moment of merging traumas, of converging environmental, social, and political crises. These crises are exacerbated by our lack of cultural practices for individual and also shared, public grieving—which is not without consequence. We often find ourselves mired in “disenfranchised grief,” a grieving that cannot be recognized, shared, or named. Emily’s album offers a space to consider where grieving is absent in our world, and where it is deeply necessary. Grief moves in waves and cycles, and through its flood we can build anew. Alluvion: the gradual addition to the land by the wash of water against a shore.

    Produced and arranged by multi-instrumentalist Anton Patzner (Foxtails Brigade, Judgement Day), “Alluvion” was written and recorded during the height of the pandemic. Although Nick Ott’s drums and John Courage’s guitars were recorded in studios with all parties present, most of the instruments were recorded while Emily and Anton were in different locations.

    More so than on any previous release, Emily almost completely eschews folk arrangements and instrumentation. “Alluvion” edges the borders of shoegaze and electronic pop without losing sight of the light within the gloom, the hope inside the void.

    • Alluvion
    • Album , CD, LP, Vinyl
    • TAL122 — 2022
    • Blood / Lines
    • Album , CD + LP / VINYL + MP3
    • Tal-075 — 2013
    • Dark Undercoat
    • Album , CD - LP / VINYL + MP3 / Digital
    • Tal-039 — 2008

    « By parrying trend in favour of stylistic purity and lyrical depth, Emily Jane White has produced a timeless piece: dense and demanding, but worth every moment you can give it. »
    P. Neeson, The Skinny

    « Emily Jane White’s latest concoctions fair far better and reward the devoted listener handsomely »
    The Girls Are

    « Emily Jane White creates magical music that can lift the spirits and rip the very heart out of you as her whim dictates and her ability to capture a mood just with a slight turn of phrase or change in tone is remarkable »
    Sonic Abuses

    « She plumbs darker territory here; the same twisted folk, minor chords, children’s story rhymes and melancholic concerns favoured by the likes of Mazzy Star and Elliott Smith. »
    I Heart

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