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Calla is a three-piece band with Aurelio Valle (guitar/vocals), Wayne b. Magruder (drums/ programming/ percussion),and Sean Donovan (keyboard/bass/programming). The three roommates formed Calla at the end of 1997 and recorded their debut LP throughout 1998 at their home in Brooklyn.

Calla’s self-titled debut was released in mid 1999 on Quatermass.


CALLA’s previous album had a big picture of an insect on the cover. So did Massive Attack’s last album. This entomological coincidence offers one clue to Calla’s sound: it is what Massive Attack would sound like if they wielded guitars instead of samplers. Slow, moody, managing to be somehow both disinterested and passionate, and with every sound polished and repolished until it’s just right. If you put Low and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club together in a studio and told them to cover Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, this could be the result. I’m not sure if it’s quiet music that has to be played loud, or loud music that has to be played quietly; but the next time U2 have one of those band meetings where they decide what they’re going to sound like next, they ought to have a copy of Televise.


Album , CD
Tal-008 — 2003

    Televise” is the third album from New York-based Calla.

    • Televise
    • Album , CD
    • Tal-008 — 2003