• Be My Weapon


Be My Weapon is David Freel / Swell (guitars, vocals, etc…) and Ron Burns (drums). The album was mostly recorded at ‘The Pink Boot’ studio in the western cascade mountains of Oregon, starting around august 2008, and ending in march 2009 (with two months spent touring in the middle).

For some reasons, David Freel started writing a whole load of songs in 2007 (ditto 2008): 10 of these songs were used on Swell’s last album ‘South Of The Rain And Snow’ and 10 are used here on Be Me Weapon’s.

These songs are mostly little stories about life and death, love and hate, light and dark, up and down, in and out, war and peace, crime and punishment, dog and cat, cat and mouse…(you know).

There are still more being organized for another release by Swill (or Swell or [Swell]) later this year hopefully and there is also a ‘project’ called Incredibly Average which will undoubtedly succeed miserably or fail gloriously…you decide.


Album , CD
Tal-048 — 2009