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Created in 2001 and found in the wine country of Bordeaux, France, Talitres houses an eccentric roster of wordly indie musicians from Britain (Flotation Toy Warning, The Wedding Present, Ralfe Band…), France (Raoul Vignal, Thousand, Stranded Horse, That Summer, François & The Atlas Mountains, Verone, Kim Novak…), Scandinavia (Taxi Taxi, Rubik), Australia (The Apartments), Canada (The Organ, Destroyer), and last but not least the US (Emily Jane White, The Walkmen, Le Loup, Swell, Idaho, Stars Like Fleas, Scary Mansion, Forest Fire). And recently: Ewert & The Two Dragons, Will Stratton, Rozi Plain, Motorama, Will Samson, Raoul Vignal, R. Missing, Laish, Utro,… and more to come….

Talitres also released in Europe The National‘s sophomore album « Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers » (2003), and the «Cherry Tree » EP (2004).

The label also has a booking activity and a publishing branch.


Talitres - 12 place de la Victoire
33000 Bordeaux - France
+ 33 (0)5 56 91 71 45

email : talitres@talitres.com
Facebook : fb.com/talitres
Twitter : @talitres
YouTube: Talitres
Online shop : shop.talitres.com


1er mai 2019
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