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Lovingly remastered vinyl reissue of The Apartments’ chamber-pop masterpiece ’drift’

The Apartments second album drift was universally praised by the critic when released in 1993. Talitres did a CD reissue late 2010, and we are happy to announce today that a vinyl edition (half speed mastered) is set to be released sept. 29th, 2017. Available for pre-order from our webstore.
Composed in London where Peter Milton Walsh then lived, it is a collection of unclassified dark pieces, a timeless masterpiece, the remarkable class of a songwritter, the obsessional record of an aching mind.

"I had a simple story to tell, a set of characters who drifted in and out of not just the songs but each other’s lives..." Peter Milton Walsh

the Apartments ‘drift’ (vinyl)
Face A: 1. the goodbye train - 2. on every corner - 3. mad cow - 4. nothing stops it - 5. over
Face B: 1. knowing you were loved - 2. places where the night is long - 3. all his stupid friends - 4. could I hide here? (a little while) - 5. what’s left of your nerve

Vinyl gatefold, 1LP, half speed mastering, out sept. 29th, 2017 and available for pre-order from the Talitres webstore.