Tex La Homa

UK based singer / composer / producer Matt Shaw records, in one of his guises, as Tex La Homa, a name lifted from Canadian author Douglas Coupland’s 1991 novel “Generation X”.

Tex La Homa released their first album in 2002 in the UK and Japan in slightly differing versions, both called “Dazzle Me With Transience”. The LP blends Matt’s half-whispered vocals with polychrome distortion, heart-breakingly pretty melodies, lo-fi guitars and massive, low-frequency electronics to create a sequence of chilled-out, cinematic ballads.

As well as the debut album, Tex La Homa have released two fantastically received EPs for Superglider Records and appeared on compilation album on Melodics (UK), Painted Sky Discs (Japan), Foehn (Spain) and Moon Palace Records (Spain)