Redjetson are a six-piece spread over the less glamorous parts of London and the near beyond (Southend). The adventure preceding the release of their album has seen Redjetson release a debut split 12” single with Oxford sorcerers Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies (‘This City Moans’ and ‘Divorce’ b/w ‘…Spooks The Horse’ [YMSS]), alongside a co-headlining tour with the same group, as well as a spate of recently-wowing London shows which have generated the sort of praise that would make even a professional egoist blush. Add to that the curation of their own ‘Do Or Die’ and ‘Soldier Boy’ club nights in East London, and it’s already been an eye-opening experience.

Redjetson deal with epic songs full of slow-burning grandeur, emotional intensity and imposing passion. Despite their glacial exterior, their tunes are infused with a deep warmth and beating heart, moving away from the constrictive forms of ‘post rock’, and into warmer, more soulful climbs.

“…set to break all perceptions of post-rock being inaccessible and only suited to homicidal sociopaths… If you like your Joy Division, Six by Seven, Mogwai and Radiohead then this is essential!” – This is fake diy.

‘New General Catalogue’, named after the book that maps the stars, is their debut album.