Lindsay Anderson, Joseph Desler Costa, Ken Dyber, Eben English (supported by Marc Hellner) founded L’Altra in Chicago in 1999. The quartet published an eponymous EP and two albums (“Music for a Sinking Occasion” 2000, “In the Afternoon” 2002) on Aesthetics Records before English and Dyber left the band. “Different Days”, their third opus, was produced by Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) and released on Hefty Records in 2005; in 2010, “Telepathic” (2010) was the band’s final building block.

“In the Afternoon” is released by Talitres in a remastered version (double vinyl and digital) expanded with four additional tracks. Artwork revisited by Jeremy Chateau (Talitres) & Joseph Desler Costa (L’Altra).