Félix Dupuis (aka Feldup) has just turned 18, and his maturity and talent, surprising in someone so young, will leave many in awe.

The vast network would soon become a tool allowing him to acquire skills, to exercise new abilities, to combine pedagogy and recreation. Over digital interconnections, he has created a YouTube channel (now more than 150 K subscribers - https://www.youtube.com/feldup) where he develops a universe of “Alternate Reality Game” (ARG), a concept considered as a narrative immersion using the real world as a stepping-stone for creating a fictional scenario.

Written, composed and recorded over a period of nine months, “A thousand doors, just one key” is much more than a try. Beforehand, the self-taught musician had recorded close to nine albums, patiently going through a process of research, experimentation, questioning and appropriation of the tools offered to him. While this album should not, in any case, be related to the result of a process of creation in a period of confinement, it is clear that these songs resonate strangely during this time of lockdown.