Taxi Taxi

In just two years, Taxi Taxi! has gone from bedroom demo project, to virtual indie-sensation – with the creative duo just turning 17! The Swedish pair hasn’t released a proper album to date, but this hasn’t stopped them from bagging slots at Europe’s biggest festivals such as Roskilde and Hultsfred. On the basis of just two demos (made public via the Internet,) the identical twin sisters Miriam and Johanna Eriksson Berhan have already turned the heads of myspace travellers, enchanted live audiences in large scale, scoring prominent fan-bases in Sweden Norway and Denmark. All of this seems truly impressive considering they have achieved such success whilst juggling their music with school.

The EP presents six tracks written over the last year and a half, telling stories of love and life through the eyes of the two girls. The listener gets an honest and intimate sound of indie-pop and folk projected through their unique voices and harmonies. Fingerpicked guitar and piano drive most of the tracks but the EP sees a refreshing accordion and glockenspiel mix thrown in.

For this release Taxi Taxi! collaborated with producer Björn Yttling from Peter, Björn and John to really accentuate the best in the girls, boasting their impressive singing and song-writing abilities. Rumraket is extremely proud to be a part of this debut from a unique band that, without question, will be a generous contributor to the future music scene. Consider this the first taste.