I Like Trains release their second full length album ‘He Who Saw the Deep’. In the UK, it is their first release on their own label ILR, a bold combination of rhythmic interlocking guitars phrases, dark baritone vocals, lush orchestration and pounding drums.

I Like Trains formed in Leeds and have flourished within its fertile music scene. They released their first single in 2005 and have gone on to release singles, EPs and albums on a number of influential independent music labels including Beggars Banquet, Talitres, Fierce Panda, Dance to the Radio and Fantastic Plastic.

This has seen the band tour extensively in the UK, Europe, Russia and the USA with bands such as The Editors or Sisters Of Mercy.

Their new album ‘He Who Saw the Deep’ marks a progression in their signature dark atmospheric sound. There is light and shade. Hope and devastation. Where once, the band had looked to the past for its inspiration, this record has its eyes firmly on the future.