Elk City

With Elk City’s second LP, “Hold Tight The Ropes”, the NYC avant-folk trio presents its own strange vision of what rock music should be. Late 60’s psychedelia, early 70’s folk and mid 80’s first round indie rock meet head-on in the dramatic strains of “Once and For All” (track #2). And that’s just one of eleven similarly idiosyncratic tracks.

Guitarist Peter Langland-Hassan connects the dots between Neil Young and Johnny Marr and has a voice that blends naturally with bassist Renee Lobue’s. Lobue sings with a strength and passion recalling Patti Smith and Grace Slick and plays a Fender Rhodes Piano-Bass (a la Ray Manzerick of the Doors) instead of a conventional stringed bass. The band’s secret weapon, producer/drummer Ray Ketchem uses the studio as instrument to flavor the tracks with dark atmospheres and distinctive textures.

“Hold Tight The Ropes” is Elk City’s second release for the Bordelais Label Talitres Records, following last year’s critically lauded LP “Status”. Since signing with Talitres in 2001, the band has toured Europe three times in support of “Status”, including a Black Session on France Inter radio last may.